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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Religious Cults

I am simply amazed and overwhelmed by the interest that has been demonstrated by the tens of thousands of people from around the World who are searching for information about Religious Cults.

As you read in this article about the two religious cults being focused on, you should think about the possibility that you very well might be a member of a religious cult and not aware of it.

As you think about what a Religious Cult is like, it might be a lot different than some of the notorious and extreme ones like are reported on in the news media. A Religious Cult could be any organized assembly of people who are held together by a set of beliefs that make them different from other organized assemblies of people. It could be and might be what you recognize as your own Church that discourages the people from visiting or socializing with family members who are not in the assembly or another religious assemblies of people.

It is obvious that almost all churches schedule their worship services at the same times of the day and week, such as Sunday morning and evening, wednesday evenings and at times Friday night prayer services. Almost all of the churches do this in order to prevent their members from visiting other churches in fear that they might lose some of them. This is a tactic of a cult to strenghten the hold on their people and prevent them from hearing and considering another different view about what they have been taught in their regular assembly.

If you make a search on the Internet for a listing of religious cults in Jeffersonville Indiana, two names will come up.  The search displays the names of “Branhamism” and “B.R. Hicks. The word Branhamism is given to a religious group that adheres to the teaching of William M. Branham who founded the movement known recently as the “Message of the Hour” or “Message Believers “and has its headquarters in Jeffersonville Indiana. B.R. Hicks is the name of the founder of Christ Gospel Church, which has sister churches around the World, with its headquarters in Jeffersonville Indiana also.
Both of these religious movements have one thing in common which is the acceptance of their individual founder’s interpretation of the Bible. Even though the doctrines of these two movements are miles apart, they share the distinction of being recognized as cults by the majority of other religious organizations.
The method of interpretation of Bible scripture by these two founders of their respective movements also differs in its own unique way. Where BR Hicks bases her interpretation of scripture on her knowledge of the Hebrew language and how it relates to the correct translation of the Bible into English, the interpretation of Bible scripture by William Branham is based upon the act of reading between the lines.
Hicks method of teaching draws heavily on Old Testament scripture and teaches the adherence to the Mosaic law and types and shadows. They also practice something that relates to the Urim and Thummim which was what the breastplate of the high priest was called. When the people wanted to inquire something of the Lord, they would take it to the High Priest and the answer from God would return to them through this breastplate. Where Rev Hick’s church practice this is by forming a committee in her church which would receive an inquiry from the people and this committee would inquire of God and return the answer back to the people. This appears to be only a method of control for the church to have over the people, where this committee takes the place of the Urim Thummim from the Old Testament.
Branham viewed bible scripture as being a letter from God and compared it to a letter from his spouse, where the real message is not always stated in words, but because of the relationship of the writer and the reader, you need to understand the message that is not in words, but exists between the lines and can only be understood in that fashion. This again only served as a method of providing him with a way of giving his own interpretation of scripture to his church.
Even though these two groups are viewed as cults, to be in all fairness, they differ very little from any other religious group or denomination of churches. Every Church has its own private interpretation of what Bible scripture means because of what each Pastor or Minister of each church believes and in effect, puts their own interpretation into their teaching. So in that respect, all religious congregations are in a way cults in their own respect.
Another religious movement was formed in 1948 called the World Council of Churches and had its first assembly in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Its goal was to unite all Christian Churches around the World under a common set of beliefs. Over the years attempts were made to set and adopt a common set of doctrines that all churches could agree on, but to this date have failed in its mission. The only common thread that holds this group together is the belief in a God. Other than that, they can be viewed as just a World Council of cults which stand by their own individual interpretation of scripture that keeps them from having real unity in the faith.
Unity in the faith can only come about by the understanding that there is only one truth. Which truth exists only in God’s Word without man’s interpretation being any part of it. Until such time as the church recognizes that and turns from man’s interpretation of scripture to the truth of it as it was written in the original languages, we will not have any unity in the faith and the many religious cults that exist will continue as they are today.

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BenC said...

With upwards of 1.5 million people in over 170 different countries, I’d hardly call that a cult. More like a mass Christian movement.

What do you call a cult with no followers?

elias said...

Obviously you didn't read my article too closely. I call any religious movement or assembly or church to be like a cult if they use their own individual interpretation of scripture to brainwash their followers for control purposes. That should cover just about every church in the World.

You asked as to what I would I would call a cult with no followers, well you've got me there, I have no idea.

BenC said...

Many times people try to brainwash others in order to draw in donations, sell books, build bigger churches, and control peoples lives. William Branham did none of these.

All William Branham did his entire life was try to point people to Christ, while humbling his own self. Never did he seek to be rich nor did he try to put himself in an authoritarian role. People thought he was Jesus Christ, and would have given him all of the control he ever wanted, but this made him so upset, he wanted to quit preaching.

Please explain the “control” that you claim he sought over people? What do you believe his ultimate goal was as he sought to “brainwash” people?

elias said...

Most of what I have witnessed can be contributed to the influence of those men who were in the inner circle of William Branham’s friends who were determined to promote him as the source of the only true interpretation of Bible Scriptures. Although it was apparent that William Branham was complicit in this promotion on his part because of the influence of his closest friends.

Being complicit was occurring because of his use of certain innuendos threaded throughout his sermons which led the people to believe that he was the fulfillment of enough bible prophesies and scripture to convince them that his messages were the final and end time truth of God’s plan.

Some of these concepts that were promoted was that he was the Elijah that was to come to return the hearts of the children back to their apostolic fathers and to restore all things in the end of the Gentile age. William Branham couldn’t have been the one to come in the spirit of Elijah because ha was the complete opposite of the character of Elijah during Elijah’s ministry.

Other things that were promoted were; the promotion of his last name being changed from Branam to Branham just as Abram was changed to Abraham by God because of his calling. This name change was promoted to somehow vindicate his ministry as a prophet. In reality, his last name was changed to Branham by his father to avoid being found by the authorities because of the crime he had committed.

Then there was the promotion of William Branham being the seventh church age messenger and the angel of Revelation 10:7. Then the promotion of his gift of the word of knowledge to support his healing ministry being the Messianic sign that was supposed to be evident before the Lord’s return. Well, Branham is gone and the Lord hasn’t returned yet.

Only one more of many things I could comment on was when he cut out a part of his seventh seal message that was on tape and recorded a portion of it over in a motel room because he was afraid that the original message that he preached under inspiration would cause many of his followers to leave him.

So that is what it was all about. To promote whatever had to be done to insure that the people would accept his teaching as the true interpretation of God’s Word and know because of their acceptance of him as a prophet, what ever he preached about had to be the complete truth of God’s Word and they couldn’t find the truth anywhere else.

That’s all about control over the people and is evident to those who are not blind or deaf.

Anonymous said...


I grew up in a chapter of Christ Gospel Church. It is hard to explain the level of control, but it was something like this; We could not watch TV, or movies, and were told to burn our C.S. Lewis books at one time. In fact, at one time, even Christian contemporary music was forbidden as too "worldy". Women and girls had to dress differently, and could not cut their hair. These things created a separation from "the world". By that I mean, it fostered an "us vs. them" attitude. When a family would quit, they "quit the message" or "backslid", and to continue to hang out with them would bring chastisement for dining with sinners.

You have mentioned "getting the message" which was writing to headquarters in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and asking "God" for answers to big life decisions such as divorce, buying a car, or marriage.

As you can tell, I hated it then, and I still think it is a terrible little group of petty, sanctimonious, braindead zombies, and frankly I harbor resentment towards my mother for dragging me in to such nonsense.

I have been to other churches, and I guarantee you, most churches are nothing like Christ Gospel was. Yes they all have their control like elements, but the social control at Christ Gospel was real. It truly was a cult, and probably still is.

elias said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous.

You are welcome to read and comment on any or all the subjects I have written about.


Anonymous said...

I as well was raised with a Christ Gospel Church upbringing. For nearly 25 years I followed CGC because it was all I knew. It was and is frowned upon heavily to question Sis. Hicks teachings, something would be said to the effect of "don't mock the elect" for fear of judgment will come upon you. 

Even though I was raised in CGC I always had doubts about its complete authenticity. Whenever I would hear a prophesy come forth I would immediately feel in my gut something wasn't quite right about it yet I was afraid to mock the holy ghost. When I would question some of the unusual beliefs that is taught in CGC and no one could explain away my doubts I would often be told to " don't let that issue trip you up" " put it on a shelf and keep on running on". 

Once I started finally questioning everything I was taught I started communication with a friend that happened to be a Baptist preacher he started explaining basic biblical principles. That has changed my life tremendously, i consider myself about at average intelligence level, and it is extremely difficult to depart from CGC once you have roots that go as deep as mine did. 

I must admit there is one beautiful aspects of CGC and that is prayer there. Some go off the deep end while praying but some don't. I don't know any better way of explaining that. They do teach salvation which is good, but entangled with salvation is condemnation. The standards cutting hair, make up, jewelry, tv watching, etc. are very frowned upon. There is virtually no unity in the local church I attended, constant backbiting of each other. 

I feel obligated to write all this just to hopefully help someone who is in CGC and sees some of the inconsistencies that I noticed. Some of the strange stuff B. R. Hicks teaches is so far out there it's plain silly. If you have been raised in CGC I'm surprised your still reading what I am saying. If you really want to learn more about how truly messed up CGC is I will provide a link to a website of a man that sat under Sis. Hicks for 10 years in Jeffersonville and realized how messed up her nonsensical teachings truly are.

Anonymous said...
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Bible Man said...

Anonymous on 6/12/12 said that they love Sister Hicks. Well that's good that you love her, I'm sure that a lot of people do love her.

I don't doubt that Sister Hicks is a good Christian woman that believes all she teaches is correct.

Unfortunately, she is very sincere about the truth of her teaching, but in my opinion and according to the scripture of the New Testament that Christ brought to us, she is sincerely wrong.

Just as Eve was deceived in the Garden of Eden by the devil, her daughter, Sister Hicks has been deceived also.

There is only one TRUTH of GOD'S WORD and a lot of the teaching of Sister Hicks misses the mark and will not survive the test by fire.

scott5626 said...
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Anonymous said...

This past International July Convention her socks went for $14,000. Two people bid on one pair until they gave up and each gave $7500 for one sock each.

Bible Man said...

Please, no more comments about how much her socks sold for.

Though it is not any reflection on Sister Hicks herself, it just indicates how gullible some of those people are that follow her and worship her.

It is somewhat comical, but also very sad.

Anonymous said...

I go to cgc and i do admit that some people go a little over board and it seems like they worship her but she tells people over and over not to do that. I do not worship her i just respect her as my pastor as many other people do in thier own church. and romanletter i am sure if u wrote to rev. hicks she would have answered all your questions then some.

Bible Man said...

I am sure that Rev Hicks could answer any question posed to her just like any other preacher could and does. The problem I have with their answers is that they all teach their own interpretations of what the bible actually says. The truth is that she has built a church on doctrines that are not supported by bible scripture and have for years deceived many people from ever learning the real truth. A church built upon sensationalism and the false doctrines trhat she teaches is just plain wrong.

Support her if you will and see which group you end up in when the day of judgment comes. Will you be with the sheep or the goats. Read Matthew 25:32 and decide what your fate will be.

Anonymous said...

I just came from the youth convention in Jeffersonville, and evertything was crazy!

I've grown in a different church, love God with all my heart but felt like a COMPLETE outsider.
I did not participate in their Harp Warriors' prayers, which was nothing but low pitch grunts and chants, and so I was seen as an outsider.

It surprised me that when I questioned somethings with Scripture I was told things like... "If you write to Rev. Hicks, she'll answer all your questions." and "You just don't understand, you need to pray some more."

I've been researching Christ Gospel since the first day I was at the convention, and I have found some ugly things, I just wished I knew what is actually reliable and what isn't!

Bible Man said...

My heart goes out to you Anonymous, who just attended that youth convention. There are millions of people just like you that truly love God and want a meaningful walk with Him. I know because I was one of them just like you.

I searched for years to find a church that was real and was built on the facts found in the bible, but found none.

So I turned my attention to the only thing I knew that was the truth, the Bible.

Jesus told us that in the last days there would be false teachers among us. These are the last days and there are certainly a lot of false teachers amassing large numbers around them to satisfy their egos and doing harm to those who are honestly searching for an honest and loving walk with God.

I suggest that you turn solely to the Bible for the truth of what a Church would be like and if you can't find one that lines up with bible scripture stay away from them and worship God in the way that you believe He would want you to.

I have a lot of articles on this site that God has led me to write in order to set straight the truth contained in the Bible and expose the false teaching that the church world is engaged in today.

I suggest that you read these articles, compare what I say with bible scripture and worship God in the truth that He leads you to.

Blessings to you.


Anonymous said...

Dear BibleMan,
I have enjoyed reading your comments and with a quirk smile on my face. Oh how deceit, jealously, and hate has worked its way into your heart about Sister Hicks and her following. I grew up in a dried up Methodist church my whole life and when I came to Christ Gospel I found life again. I have never found someone that is capable to break down scriptures such as sister hicks. I know you are going to try to say they are her opinions, but that is interesting on account that you can use the Strongs concoranence to find similar definitions for words. How much could you truly know about Christ Gospel unless you sat in that church for years anyways? I have been attending the church for over 6 years now and in that time I have left the church. There was non of this "backslider" talk that some of you harp on. I agree that sometimes people go over the top about the sister hicks thing, but they're just off their rocker. I am not trying to start a full blown argument, but want you to understand that you are simply wrong about some of your accusations. Be zealous

Bible Man said...

I can relate to your comment about the dead Methodist Church, I grew up in one myself. Anyway I'm glad that you are happy and have found a renewed life where you are.

Just be certain that you have found the way to the next life that God has promised us.

That's the only LIFE that counts.

Be blessed on your journey.

Anonymous said...

Dear BibleMan,
Enjoyed your response.
God Bless

scott5626 said...
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Bible Man said...

Thanks for your comment Scott.

I have had and still have family in the two cults featured on my post and know that only God can open their eyes to the false teaching they are receiving.

No matter how much Bible scripture I point then to, they refuse to open their eyes and their heart to the truth.

The scripture says that God is true and every man and woman is a liar. Stay with the Word of God and make Heaven your future home.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bible man . I think this is my second letter towards you guys and I think I found the answers the reason why most of the people who was CGC is because they have all came walking into this Message which they thought it could fulfill them but the problem is that it is one thing to say that I have been in this Bride Message but is another thing to ask yourself is this Bride Message which we burst out of the very Head ship of God been within me for the past years or months or weeks or days or hours or minutes or seconds ...? I think before they can put a comment they need to ask that question for them self ... If not I won't even messed my time to post a common I have been in CGC about 21 years in this church and does it mean that I'm a good person no not at all I'm just as a rotten sinner just like everybody else but on saved through His Precious Grace which was enough for to fulfill every empty place inside of me , and still receiving Living Word which is been burst out of the Head ship of God and it is Life Changing, so does it mean that I'm a cult or I'm been Brainwashed ??? If so, that's your opinion? But not mine ... I'm a Jesus Only person and love wearing my dresses or skirts ,and for not cutting my hair , etc ... And God had given me an opportunity and privilege to be part of eating of this Bride Message and I'm not seeing an Higher or a Broader or a Deeper Message then this one which I have found in Jesus ,there is no other one like this One it is Unique !!! So to God Be All The Glory !!! Does make Rev B R Hicks something not at all, just as all of us is she just a drop in a little bucket but she is just a vessel which God wants to use for this moment and His Purposive Will and Master Plan , I found what I have looking for and that is Him -(JESUS) and that is why I can still go Onward, Upward and Forward, because He is it all I found Him in this Bride Message and that is why it is making me a Happy Young LITTLE person because of Him !!! In Jesus Precious Love Sis Allison (South Africa-Cape Town).



Anonymous said...

Hi. I just wanted to add to this line of comments my experience. My grandmother was at one point Sister Hick's main point person (for nearly two decades). But when she began to realize and check up on her teachings, she found some of her sources to be from Kabbalah and some other things. Disillusioned, she left. She turned her back on all the prestige her position had afforded, and with regret for raising her children in a cult, she moved away. She received great opposition, as you can imagine, but she did not relent or regret that decision. Today she is a beautiful woman, eight decades old, still serving the Lord, but in more humble ways, such as home Bible studies and humbling herself before family members when she is wrong. She exhibits the love of Christ, minus the pride of "secret knowledge."

I just want to add that although this woman Hicks (who affected a great many of my family members on both sides) is wrong, not all Christian leaders are. You can use her as proof of Christianity's fraudulent nature, but you would be sadly short on evidence. There are thousands upon thousands of men and women throughout history who have lived sacrificial lives, some even dying for their faith, claiming to be serving a living God and His Christ. These just do so without fanfare, like the false ones. If you look harder I promise you, you will find them.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say to those that still attend CGC, that is wonderful the Lord is shepherding you in the midst of false teaching. But do your homework. Paul commended the Bereans for checking up on his teaching; do you check her teaching against Scripture? How well do you know the Word for yourself? No one has any 'secret' knowledge (2 Peter 1:20).

Anonymous said...

I made the comment about CGC goers needing to be Bereans.... Please let me add (since my comment by itself may come across harshly) that I know what it feels like to come out from under a false teaching. It is absolutely all-encompassing that shattering feeling you have when everything you stood on suddenly falls apart. I have compassion, but just make sure you are not going by anything other than knowing God's Word yourself (and not through her lens). Be careful, is all I am saying. Please.

Philip said...

i am very interested in learning more of "Sister" Hicks and her teachings as i am concerned for several people whom i believe are tied into this "ministry"... is someone who has recently (maybe even this year) been associated (perhaps Scott5626?) with this ministry willing to compare notes and help?

scott5626 said...
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Stella Meszaros said...

on reaing all the comments about Rev.B.R.Hicks,I have known her for
48 years and not one time have I found any fault with her teaching, because I am a Bible student that loves to search and put the Word together julst like she does..That does not mean that I am a cult..I respect this great servant of the LORD and will always respect her for teaching the Bride's message that I love with all of my heart...Who ever started this rediculous subject of pulling her apart is going to be dealt with by God...I dont care who you are, why don't you leave someone elses life alone and stop slandering if you do not agree then why dont you agree to disagree...The one sho began this nonsense is going to be held responsible... you are walking where ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD....i AM NOT IN JERFFERSONVILLE WITH SIS HICKS...I AM IN SOUTHAFRICA AND WILL ALWAYS HOLD THE MESSAGE OF THE BRIDE DEAR TO MY HEART AND IT IS NOT A FALSE DOCTRINE...I WILL TAKE YOU TO THE WORD OF GOD AND PROVE IT TO YOU...REV. STELLA MESZAROS CAPE TOWN SOUTHAFRICA...tOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM....YOU ALL DO NOT HAVE THE FEAR OF GOD IN YOUR HEARS...

scott5626 said...
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Anonymous said...


Kendra and Chase said...

We are two youth from Christ Gospel Church. We are not held by any brainwashing but, this "message" as some of you put it, is a prudent choice. We believe in the revelations provided by Rev. Hicks because she can back what she says with the Word of God, and we have had personal experiences that confirm these truths. The way we dress is also a choice. Nobody is forced to subcome to any of beliefs. Do not make any preassumptions if you have not been there to experience this "message" for yourself. All she teaches is how to become small, and humblness before God and meekness before men. Everything else basically supports that God is the Head. If anyone has ever wanted to leave then the door has always been opened. Even if i were to leave one day I could never bash the very thing that saved my life. This message is a choice and not for everyone so be careful of your comments.

Anonymous said...

How sad is to see those sites and the comments...
Whoever wrote this site is Christian and all comments are from Christians, right???
If non Christians especially who hates Jesus looked this site, they gonna laugh at us pretty good.

First of all you don't even know what is real CULT.

Does Baptist calls Pentecostal cult?
Methodist calls Baptist church cult?
Do you call any other churchs that doesn't belong to your church are cult?
If so, then something wrong with all the Christians.

Bottom line is, we all believe Jesus is Christ. We all believe we are sinners. We all believe Jesus died to save us.
For example, because some believes tribulations are 3 1/2yrs, and some believes 7yrs doesn't mean you can call each other cult or whatever. They just see things different.

But since we all believe in Jesus, these churches are all belongs to God.

If there is any false teaching, then God will take care of it when it's his time.
All we can do is ask God to not let you away from Him.

There are so many REAL cult in this world, stop fighting each other...

Bible Man said...

God sent us the bible for everyone to read and understand and not for any person to add their own private interpretation to it.

Any teaching of scripture that deviates from the literal reading, understanding and acceptance of what the scripture is saying is cultish.

If the scripture states that Jesus was born of a virgin woman, it means that Mary was a true virgin and not to be interpreted that she was a maiden and not a virgin. If scripture states that Jesus was the Son of God, then He was the Son of God and not God the Father Himself that visited us in a body that He made for Himself.
If the scripture states that Adam and Eve ate the fruit of a forbidden tree, that is literally what they did and to interpret it as engaging in a sex act is a false interpretation of scripture

It is not enough to just accept Jesus as our Saviour, it is important in the sight of God to believe every word of God as the scripture states.

Man or Woman’s private interpretation of scripture because of some revelation they received is the gateway to hell for those who accept anything other than what the scripture states.

We as children of the most high God are required by God to believe the entirety of His Word and turn from the false teaching of those who God did not send to preach.
God’s Word to us today is to get back to the Bible and believe what it says in its entirety.

This site was developed, not to cause any fighting between religious assemblies, but to expose the false teaching of those who add their private interpretations to scripture and give the reader the inspiration to learn the truth of God’s word by providing guidance through the scriptures for the true understanding about what the scriptures are saying to you.

Open your eyes of understanding to God’s Word and let those who are blind to the truth lead those who find comfort in being led by someone else who know not God.

Philip said...

Scott5626 - can we compare notes via email? (

Anonymous said...

Good day, I am not here to bash, or look down upon. I really just want the truth. I have been to a local cgc. I enjoyed the word, I felt the spirit of the Lord in it. The worship to me was disturbing, confusing, and a little scary. I couldn't understand because they was calling on Jesus. There were screams, and head jerkings, and falling over benchs. It didn't seamy life changing. I come from a church of shouting and praising, deliverance. I have myself been filled with the holyghost, cryed out, and even screamed, but there was change, difference.

Amber Austin said...

Do you even know where the sock money is going to?? Its going to missions all around the world to help people in need. Its for a wondeful cause and who cares if it was a sock, hat, glasses, t shirt all that doesn't matter. What matters is that the love of God gets to spread through out the world now thats awesome!!!!!

Bible Man said...

I have no personal issues with Ms Hicks or Mr. Branham other than they have both been deceived by the devil to employ devices to control their followers and isolate them from those who don’t believe the doctrines that are taught by them.

Adherence to Bible scripture as God has setup under the New Covenant is the only true criteria that is important for believers to understand and base their faith on. Unfortunately neither of these two church leaders follow what God has passed on to us.

The World is full of deception and the devil is the instigator of it.

Too many church leaders don’t conform to the true Gospel of Christ and use false teaching to make their flowerers feel good about themselves instead of conforming to sound doctrine based upon the scripture.

The World is full of religious cults, some more radical than others. There are some like those I have featured who appear to conform with scriptural truth so close that spurious doctrines are slipped in and are not recognized as being false.

Cults develop as a result of idol worship of those who are the founders of religious followings who have not been called of God and are deceived into believing they are something they are not. This is the devil’s doing.

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of those who really intend to please God and conform to His Word instead of teaching their own private interpretation of bible scripture which violates bible scripture itself.

Bible Man said...

Measures have been taken to prevent certain cowards with the same mindset as the Boston Bombers from submitting comments.

This measure being taken validates that what has been said about the two religious groups which are featured in this article are aligned with the devil.

True Christians would not resort to harassment and intimidation in order to support their beliefs.

IJT said...

My name is Johan Trengove, and I have been in Christ Gospel for over 40 years. I know Rev Hicks well, as well as her family, and she has done me nothing but good. I invite you to read my blog and send me your comments. I will respond honestly and fairly. It is at

Bible Man said...

Thank you for the contact Johan

I will certainly visit your blog and talk to you later.

Blessings to you

Bible Man said...

Since I found no link on your site to offer my comments there, I felt a need to submit them here.

I did visit your blog site Brother Johan and found your testimony and the part of Sister Hick’s testimony to be very genuine touching and heartfelt.

I read the part concerning “The Witness” and what follows is my comments concerning it.

The witness of the Holy Spirit is a personal relationship with God because the Holy Spirit is God. It is a oneness with Him that is available to every believer, for God said: “I will make a New Covenant with the people to replace the Old one which they were not able to walk in and I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. Because of this it will not be necessary for any man to teach another because all shall know me, from the least of them to the greatest of them. God went on to say that the New Covenant would replace the old one and it would vanish away. Part of that Old Covenant that was to vanish away was the Urim and Thummim which the “Witness” is based upon according to Sister Hicks.

You spoke of the “Witness” being the Spiritual Guidance Committee and said: “For practical reasons, individuals are not provided with this type of guidance in respect of medical matters, legal matters, business decisions, marriage or divorce etc. If in fact these were the guidelines setup for this Spiritual Guidance Committee, I have heard that some members of the assembly testified that that these guidelines were not followed in some cases.

I have stated before and will state again that I believe Sister Hicks to be genuine in her faith and love for God, but the Church she has founded was not according to Bible Scripture on this one point.

The point is that God made man in His own image and likeness and put man over all other things of His creation including having dominion over the woman who was made for man and not that man was made for the woman. The Lord selected nothing but men to be His Apostles and since no woman was selected, He had to have had a good reason. The reason that I see is that the first woman was in the transgression because of being deceived so easily by satan in the Garden. This could indicate that because of the makeup of the woman, she has the tendency to more easily to be deceived more so than the man. Even though there are many men preachers that have been deceived and preach doctrines that do not conform with scripture, the woman is more likely because of the example set by Eve in the Garden.

For this reason the Apostle Paul directed that the woman should not be permitted to preach or teach and should remain silent in the church.

I do not question the faith and motives of Sister Hicks to assume the role of being a bible teacher or preacher in the church, but if she usurped that position over what God’s intention was to be as the role for a woman, then she became in violation of scripture and not only her, but every other woman who stands behind a pulpit.

I do commend you for overcoming the adversities in your life and thank God for the way you have taken. If more people in this World would get their eyes off the cares of our mortal life and center on the treasures in Heaven that we are promised, the World would be a more heavenly place to exist in.

Looking forward to your comments concerning my statements.

IJT said...

Sister Hicks agrees that God intended men to be the prime carriers of His governance and to preach the Word to others. Unfortunately, there are few men left in this day and age willing to pay the price to do that job. Then the Lord will use women, like Mary at the Tomb who first told the good news of His resurrection. And like Charles Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, who famously said, "My best men are women."

Post script: Rev Hicks' socks are auctioned at Conventions in a spirit of good will and generosity to raise funds for missions. They help pay, inter alia, for a chapel for the Pygmies we are currently building in the Congo, and other missions and humanitarian projects. All contributions are welcome, even from scoffers and other weirdos.

Bible Man said...

I concur that the existance of God sent men in the ministry that will preach the unsdulterated Gospel is at an all time low.

I might even surmise that the motive Sister Hicks had to start her own church could have been that she couldn't find one with a male pastor that she could agree with.

I can make the case that it is not against scripture for a woman to preach the gospel because of some examples in the bible where this happened. If you read my article on "Women in the Ministry", I suggest the same there.

In my estimation, preaching and teaching are two different things. One can be called to preach the Gospel of Christ and another could be sent to teach scripture for doctrinal purposes, but there are many that can't tell the difference.

Jesus came preaching the gospel of Christ for salvation purposes, but unfortunately too many people see the whole bible as the Gospel that Jesus preached and that is not true.

None the less, I would commend Sister Hicks for the charity work her church does, but for no reason could I accept a woman in a teaching position in the church unless there was pure evidence that God was behind it, for our God has the right to do what He pleases.

One thing God cannot do is to contradict His Word and there are many preachers that claim to be God called who put forth their own interpretations of scripture that do contradict God's written Word.

Josh Chapps said...

Wow, I really like the comment left by the person who said any non Christian is going to look at this and laugh at all of us Christians fighting, lol. I went to Christ Gospel Church when I was younger then stopped going because I wanted to wear pants and cut my hair etc, etc. I do believe that as a Christian it is important to keep yourself from things that make you do or want to do un-Christian things. Someone mentioned not watching t.v as part of the brain washing. Well, really, look at what's on t.v!! Even not going to any church I've always said to myself "I want to marry a guy that doesn't watch t.v.!" because it doesn't matter that it's just t.v. The Bible says, actually Jesus said, that if a man looks on a woman to lust after her he has committed adultery with her already in his heart. So, I've done my thing. Partied, smoked, had sex, did drugs, watched t.v. (lol!) and after all that that only thing I've found is that there is no satisfaction in anything besides Jesus. Now I go back to Christ Gospel Church, lol! Since going back have I cut my hair? yeah. do I wear skirts all the time? no. And I know things a couple of decades ago used to be a lot more "cult like" if you will, because people would "backslide" yada yada. But, honestly, it doesn't matter. None of this really matters. If your hair is 10 feet long or if you shave it bald. Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love God, then love your neighbor as yourself. We spend so much time doing things that will have no significance in eternity. Life is over before you know it. Seek God and you will find Him, let the Spirit convict you of what you need to do to please God with your life. I actually prefer the worship services at the Christ Gospel Church over others, lol. And I do respect Sis. Hicks because of the amount of time she spends reading the Bible and praying. That's all we really need to do to find Jesus, read the Bible and pray.

Anonymous said...

I cut and dye my hair, I paint my nails, I do a lot of the other things that aren't the "norm" as a member of the Christ Gospel Church. Does this make me damned to hell? No way, I am a member of CGC and have been all of my life. I am really shocked to read some of the crazy things I have read about the church. Are you knocking Christ Gospel because of your own convictions? I know that there is an image to uphold but obviously I don't do every single one of them. Not once have I been told I was a heathen on the fast track to hell. We all have our own convictions that we must deal with on our own with God. I go to church with make-up on. And you know what? We have always been told that God accepts us as we are. The deeper of a relationship you have with God the more you give up and let the Lord lead your path. Sis Hicks was put in place by God to help those who want to grow into a stature the way God calls us. A lot of people take notes for us to go back and study and not only that but to prove that what is being taught is true. I have heard a lot of crazy things that people have said about CGC and to be honest I am a little baffled at how anyone could believe what has been said. We all have a calling in life. We are all a part of the body of Christ, no matter if you are Pentecostal, catholic, protestant or whatever. We all have an active role in this and our goal is the same. To go home and be with the Lord one day. I am just glad that God has allowed me to be part of such an amazing church. I ask that people do not knock the church without going there with an open heart and open mind. If it isn't for you that is fine but don't make up such outlandish things about the church and twist it into your own interpretation of what you think is actually happening.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear yet another blog of page upon page Christians calling each other. I'm the best!!! No I'm the best! Your a liar! No your a liar!! However much you sugar coat your words and feign politeness! ....and on it goes.

I was a member of CGC for several years. I observed good doctrine but also some pretty strange interpretations of the bible.

The bible...written by MEN to subdue WOMEN( oh sure there are the 'token' women) are you serious when you say with much conviction Jesus only selected men as disciples..did he??? Or have men deliberately erased women from history? Since Eve is portrayed as the gullible one who MADE poor helpless Adam fall ( yes I'm being sarcastic)....woman have continued to be blamed for this!

This is what the bible taught God and Jesus with all my heart but as I read the bible women are treated like second class citizens or are stoned to death for adultery or condemned for being prostitutes.
I question the bible and every person who reads the bible will have their own interpretation of what it's saying ...time to argue some more me thinks............

Only woman can give birth to life.....

G. Welsh said...

I live close to CGC and have all my life. It has always been considered a cult around here like the Branhamites. Sister Hicks was a member of Branham's church until she was expelled for preaching during one of Branham's European tours. Branham was 100% against women in the pulpit.

Anonymous said...

I find B.R. Hicks current teachings and actions disturbing and cultish. I can show two instances where a church (both in Louisiana) was built up, the local people fund raised to pay the property off, and constantly worked to maintain the properties with the understanding they would have a church to attend. In one instance she sent word to the people of the church that it was God's will for them to give her the church. They, believing her when she claimed it was God's will, signed the church property and building over to her only for her to later sale.

The other instance she sent pastors to the church with their sole motivation and goal being to give her the church because once again it was "God's Will." They waited for the only board member to was against the transaction to leave town and then they held a vote. Once again the people, in the interest of doing God's Will as defined by her, turned the church over to her. What make this very interesting is that she showed no interest in the property or building when there was a mortgage out on the property. Once it was paid off God just seemed to want her to have it, again according to her.

The pastor that turned that property over to her moved back to Jeffersonville a short time later and were rewarded by her with financial assistance on a house they were purchasing. Anyone who would try and justify these actions needs to take a strong look at themselves and ask "If she told me that it was God's highest will to drink the Kool aid would I?" Sounds like a problem

Anonymous said...

I grew up in cgc and I agree.. when my parents and I decided to go to another church they said that God turned his back on us and we still after 4 years have family and friends over there who arent allowed to talk to us.. def a cult

Anonymous said...

The last two comments about Christ Gospel Church are nothing but unfair nonsense. I dare anyone to visit CGC headquarters in Jeffersonville and not find that the saints there are the most loving, forgiving, sincere Christians on earth. As for the church in Louisiana, CGC runs its business through highly ethical officers in accordance with legal fiduciary principles. I claim no knowledge of this case, but it sounds like local schemers tried to take undue control, and the building was safely transferred to CGC International to safeguard it for the whole congregation.

Anonymous said...

Here is fact with Christ Gospel Church and B.R. Hicks, they are in complete disobedience to God's Word. Romans 11:16 if the root be holy, so are the branches. A large portion of leadership there is not Biblically qualified according to 1 Timothy 2:11-14 there is to be no female pastors. This principle is proven over and over again in the Holy Bible and throughout history. There was never a female priest in the Hebrew nation. 1 Corinthians 11:3 says clearly the head of every man is Christ and the head of every woman is man and the head of Christ is God. This applies in the home and in in church and when a foundational commandment and standard is disregarded it is then considered rebellion against God Almighty. God's order is very important and very serious. Next I am sure some women pastors like to justify their self with Galations 3:28 but unfortunately this scripture is clearly talking about salvation not Governmental church order. Next disobedience to God is that they do not ordain qualified elders pastors, leaders according to Titus 1:6 they should be a husband of one wife which is a definite need in leadership while divorce runs rampant, leaders must set an example and a Biblical standard for all Christianity, but unfortunately Christ Gospel Church does not follow these standards and commandments. Jesus spoke clearly in Matthew 19:7-9 and said Moses allowed a writing of divorcement because of the hardness of your hearts, but from the beginning it was NOT so. Verse 9 And I say unto you whosoever shall put away his wife except it be for fornication and shall marry another COMMITTETH ADULTERY and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery. So I must say that the leadership structure is NOT Biblically qualified, Hence if the root be holy then the so are the branches.

Anonymous said...

I wish to respond to the anonymous comment posted on March 17, 2014.

You may not have direct knowledge of the fact so I will deliver them to you.

David and Tina Ellis were named the pastors of Lafayette CGC after being remarried for less than a month. They were married only to be placed as pastor because the congregation would have never accepted them otherwise. They pushed for the church to be turned over to Jeffersonville and BR Hicks and when they brought it to the people they publicly scolded the ones that questioned their motives. When they moved back to Jeffersonville Hicks gave them financial assistance in purchasing a home.

So the facts are they were married just to be pastors, they turned a property that worth well over 3 million over to Hick's control, and in turn she made a monetary gift of an undisclosed amount to them. It is also interesting that the Livermore CGC church wanted to give their property to Jeffersonville but it was rejected because they had a mortgage on it.

I'm sure you are also well aware that Jeffersonville was unable to feed it minister’s lunch at this past March convention due to financial trouble. Are they planning to sell the Lafayette CGC church to help boost their bank accounts like they did the Kenner CGC church? Maybe you should become more familiar with the facts before you so quickly defend them.

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious that this organization is does NOT follow a Biblical standard and is definitely a CULT, and as a true Christian we must expose such groups as CGC so others are not decieved by their devices and traps. The factual and wicked fruits are proof of a corrupt root. Definitely wolves in sheep's clothing. Not following Biblical standards has gotten CGC stamped as a cult and they should be since their actions prove it. I have witnessed 30 years of spiritual abuse, unbiblical actions, and broken homes produced. CGC is NOT a place of refuge and healing. CGC gives Christianity a bad name and should be separated from TRUE and REAL Biblical Christians.

Bible Man said...

The two organizations which are featured in this article are not the only churches that exist that do not follow the teachings under the New Covenant that God set forth.

It is obvious that the leaders of many churches exercise control over their flocks either because the devil has deceived them into believing a lie or just to satisfy their own lusts by teaching doctrines used to control others.

God set us free as compared to those who lived under the Old Covenant by introducing the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ and stating that those who believe the Gospel and are baptized will be saved.

These church leaders who draw their people back into bondage like the saints of old and preach another gospel except the one that Jesus brought will pay the price when their works are tried by fire as the scripture teaches.

I’m certain there are very good people and honest believers in all of the churches and many of them will be saved because of the Grace of God in spite of the deceitful teaching of many of these scoundrels that exist in our midst.

As long as the people cling to the physical feel good gospel that is preached to them instead of the truth of God’s Word, they will never open their eyes to what God has given to them via the scriptures and find freedom in the true Gospel of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having this forum!

As an ex-cgc member for more than 20 years, I feel there is the need for a ex-cgc members forum.
People are starting to wake up to the spiritual abuse and to many this is very traumatic.
Because everything is done in the name of Lord and/or the Witness, it is very hard for ex-cgc members to break free. For years and years it has been preached we are nothing, we know nothing, we can do nothing and we are so much in/doctrinated that we can or be nothing, but it She says.
And therefore we are terrorized with guilt and fear. And this is not from Jesus.

To the owner of this page, please consider a more detailed approach to reveal the CGC Cult system. Expose the wickedness. Overall the cgc members are genuine and true members that are 100% real in what they believe. Not knowing the deception.

Bible Man said...

Thanks for your comment. This forum was started as a service for all believers who are seeking the truth, but because of these kinds of religious organizations, the whole truth becomes obscure. I have relatives who are in both of these cults featured on this post who have been so brainwashed by those half truths which are being taught in these groups that only God can help them.

No matter how much exposure of these cults is attempted, honest followers of these groups are blinded or just afraid to consider what we try to tell them.

Only prayer can help some of them.

Philip Conn said...

I also thank you Bibleman for being led by the Holy Ghost that resides within you, to have made this site so that people can post their personal experience of organizations such as CGC and others which have unbiblical systems of spiritual abuse in place, which are sadly and deceptively leading souls to destruction. This site is a good source of awareness to shine a light on the growing problem of false prophets "misusing" the ministry of Jesus for their own personal, political, financial, and authoritative interests. There are good strong Holy Ghost filled Biblical churches with qualified and annointed Godly men in leadership leading them but we must test and prove them by the scriptures in the Holy Bible, and if it does not match with God's commandments, scriptures, morals, qualifications, and standards then it is probably corrupted (as CGC is) and time to wake up and move on. We can be an instrument of Gods divine will and diligently pray and shine the light of truth and awareness on these issues and have faith Jesus is and will open the blind eyes trapped in deception and Jesus will and is turning over the tables of the merchants and the money changers and false prophets defiling His temple. Jesus is cleaning out the den of thieves and restoring the house of prayer. I speak this truth in faith in Jesus name Amen!

Bible Man said...

Thank you Philip Conn

There is only one way to get to the truth of God's Word and that is through the understanding and acceptance of biblical scripture and not through man's interpretation of it.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Christ Gospel Church now im 30 and have strayed to different churches along the way but I always find my way back to CGC. No other church that ive tried out seem to teach the message as deep as I like nor explain the scriptures like Rev Hicks. I wilk admit Christ Gospel Church isnt meant for everyone, people learn at different levels and may require a more basic church. As for selling the socks for $14000 well Rev Hicks is the founder of many churches so she is pretty much on the same level as a celebrity so would you question and accuse a "celebrity" for selling one of their items for charity? So whats the difference, the money from the socks im pretty sure went to missions around the world not in her pocket. Rev Hicks always tells her congregation to do not worship her but "give all the honor and glory to God" hmm that does not sound too cultish to me. Yes we have people in our church that gossip and backbite but what organization doesnt? I rather go to a church with people who show their flaws that way they can allow god to work on them rather then a church where people are fake and act like they are perfect . What will God work on or fix if a person is already "perfect"? As for the whole no cutting hair, wear skirts/dresses , no makeup well those are all by choice , people are allowed to choose their level of seperation btw I wear pants, weave, makeup, cut my hair and have piercings so someone cant just look at me outwardly and tell that Im seperated because I look just like the next person in the world but I dont get treated any different when I do go to church. Theres a scripture that talks about letting your light shine , so if im walking around looking like the next person who has never stepped foot in church and doesnt worship God then my light isnt shining meaning (I dont stand out) if im going to be a christian I want people to look at me and automatically know that im a child of God without me telling them thats why im slowely working my way back to seperation. This post has actually helped me because now I realized if Rev Hicks wasnt doing something right then there wouldnt be so many people against her.

Anonymous said...

Bibleman, just because you cannot comprehend a church or religion does not mean it is a bad organization. Hopefully you havedone full research such as sit in.on more than one service or read the books before making accusations.

Bible Man said...

I have never been a member of CGC, but I have visited it several times, listened to Rev Hicks preach and have listened to a number of her tapes. In addition, I have had family members who have attended services there for many years.

The only thing that I can judge that church on is if the bible is preached without anyone's private interpretation added to it. This church fails to do that just as many other churches do. If a preacher has been sent by God to preach His Word, they will not deviate from the written word.

Anonymous said...

It is not a comprehension issue but a Biblical issue, and Hicks has strayed from biblical by adding her theoretical imaginatory doctrine by trying to use Hebrew words, of which could go numerous directions in definition, and vague out of context scriptural references. Hicks so called deeper explanations are just NOT Biblical. The sock thing is just straight idolatry, and the allowing of people to prostrate them self at Hicks feet and around her chair is also idolatry. The celebrity comparison is interesting because celebrities are considered idols. An interesting fact about BR Hicks is that she at one time was a member of the Branham church until she left or was asked to leave because William Branham did not allow women preachers, so there is likely some Branham doctrine mixed into Hicks CGC doctrine along with the same spirit of idolatry. Adding or taking away from the scriptures of the Holy Bible come with some serious consequences according to Gods Word.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone weather in CGC or former CGC tell me what all the growling and strange noises are being done now in their prayer meetings, where is that biblically proven and how do you know that it's not attracting perhaps evil spirits because it does seem very evil from the outside looking in and sounds evil as we'll???
And as for as the "witness" is concerned why back in the day it was deemed as though this is what the bride would do every step of her journey and in every detail of her life but then now only certain things are permitted to go through the "operating committee" ?
Does God change has he changed his mind what you get the witness about now?
I was told at one time by the "general" as he was referred to that the bride would get the witness on every detail of her life........???
After all it is been stated many many times Rev. Hicks does not move unless she gets the witness......

Anonymous said...

I am recently become an ex-member of cgc after being born into it 31 years ago and now opening my eyes to the depths of the many problems in cgc, and I also questioned the creepy noises and growls (not holy ghost tounges) and the dark creepy organ music in the Saturday night prayer. It is absolutely not BIBLICAL at all, it feels very demonic and wicked, and it will make your skin crawl. They explain it as some kind of higher realm of spiritual warfare. It is most likely some kind of witchcraft that the upper level leadership has put in place and deceived the lower level people to believe it is of God. Definitely NOT Biblical. Very scary!!! The whole witness room/operating committee thing is just a method of control and manipulation, so that they/Hicks can do "anything" and not get their authority questioned. Again more unbiblical....since Jesus Christ wants us to rely on the Holy Ghost residing inside us, not them and their so called H. G. witness room which will disconnect people from Jesus and deceitfully make people dependant on them/Hicks and lead people into idolatry to Hicks and her deceitful unbiblical system.

Anonymous said...

I have wondered for a while now why the witness forms have change. They once had forms for several different life choices and now they don't. At 15 I was told I needed to get the witness on dating and I remember looking through all the forms trying to find the right one. The covered everything from buy a house, a car, dating, engagement, marriage, moving, and the basic one called the "lay life" form. Why is it that these form are no longer used? Was this a way to control people that was exposed by a certain lawsuit forcing them to go a more general route? Someone please explain!!!!

Anonymous said...

But what would make a 95 year old woman want control of all these people?
As a person struggling with soo many questions after being in this thing for 34 years, I feel at times I'm losing my mind cause I do see so much truth and to watch this woman sit in that recliner seemingly so sincere......
I'm at a loss after 34 years???
I feel I need a therapist.
And to think we/they claim to have all this word and spirit and yet most and I mean most have very little fruits of the spirit that Gal. speaks of.
Most are still struggling with the same things they struggled with since they got in the message.
And yet service after service convention after convention they claim their lives are changed
PLEASE somebody help explain this madness.

Bible Man said...

You bring up some very good points my anonymous friend. On of the answers is that we are a part of the New Testament Church and the principles covered in the New Testament of the Bible is what we should be governed by. Your answer is in the Bible and if after all of those years you really want to see the truth of God's Word, you'll find it in the Bible and not at CGC. All of the articles written on this blog site are according to Holy Scripture and could help you to see the truth. No interpretation of God's Word, just references to what the Bible said before man messed it up and is teaching the doctrines of man instead of pure scripture. This could be a start for you if you seek the truth in prayer being unafraid of God's truth.

All that is preached on this site is for everyone to go BACK TO THE BIBLE, using my teaching as your guide, pointing to scripture.

Good luck in learning the true gospel of Christ.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous, about the madness of cgc people saying life changing but with no evident change....that reminds me of an old famous story of a king that was scammed into getting the best of the best clothing garments made for him from the finest linens and materials, but only the smart and wise can actually see it. So when anyone checked the tailors progress they seen nothing, but their pride kept saying I see it, so awesome. The king finally even walked naked down the streets acting to adore his new non-existent garments until finally the little children laughed and blurted out haha he has no clothes, he is naked. The king finally realized there was never any clothes and he was scammed in his embarrassment . It is amazing how pride blinds people to the obvious reality, even till a whole town is saying they seen the new clothes, wanting to look smart and wise. But the little children were not fooled. Don't be fooled by supposed higher realm Hicks confusing interpretations that will waste your time. Just keep it only Biblical. Spend time going out and winning souls for Jesus. Spreading straight Biblical gospel is our commandment from Jesus. I can get you connected to a true Biblical church that is discipling people to win souls for JESUS.

Anonymous said...

Before assuming that CGC is a so called "cult", do more research maybe find a local brach of the church and go and visit it and see for yourself if you feel like you are in a cult. Anyways, your goal should be trying to have a relationship with Jeses Christ.

Bible Man said...

To the anonymous person who submitted the comment on 7-22-14 from Youngsville Louisiana. What you said about the CGC in Jeffersonville is not believable and without solid confirmation that what you said happened, your comment will not be published. Send me a picture!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was in CGC for a couple of years. They were the only church to really bring me to a relationship with God in a powerful way. I was encouraged to read scripture both OLD & NEW testaments. I was encouraged to sound biblical practices like fasting. I attended several conventions in Jeffersonville. I found Sister Hicks messages to be fact based and made me want to study more for myself. None of these are bad aspects. I moved away into a town that does not have CGC but no one I know of has been told to not speak to me or that I have backslidden. I hold them dear and find I search for churches that are as committed to learning as they are. I have been to a great church and many pale in comparison.

Anonymous said...

It is possible to gain a few good things from CGC since there is some mixture of truth there, but the volume of need for filtering out the bad and unbiblical man made doctrines mixed in is the problem. Miss Hicks creates new doctrines as she goes along, which contradicts biblical scripture and even contradicts her own previous teachings, she explains changes and inconsistencies in her teachings as that "its a different realm now/Fathers realm".CGC is full of half truths, unstable, inconsistent, MIXED doctrines. Dangerous!!! Miss Hicks needs to get acquainted with Acts 2:38.

Anonymous said...

I also grew up in Christ Gospel and my Name is Misty i am not ashamed of the gospel of christ i may not agree on everything they do but the spirit is in there church and message

Anonymous said...

For the ones who don't agree with CGC teachings, have you found another church home? As one stated before that CGC isn't for everyone. I don't believe if you believe the teachings that you will be damned , and the same if you don't believe. Basic principles are taught to believe in the Father ,Son , and the Holy Spirit. If you disapprove what have you found to be beneficial in your walk with Christ? The most important factor is GOD. Reading the bible is great but what about fellowship with you brethren? Strengthen and encouraing one other in Christ? Providing that information on what church home you found may help others find they're way to Christ or contiue they're walk with Christ.

Anonymous said...

Well the reality is that these really are Heaven or Hell issues with eternal impacts. I don't know if the author of this blog will allow a church recommendation, but I recommend getting plugged into a truly awesome, Biblical, understandable, applicable, and friendly church called Greater Faith Church in New Albany, IN. There is also a Greater Faith smartphone app available for non-locals. It is awesome to find real Biblical truth being taught, and implemented. Souls being saved according to Acts 2:38, also continual training to do God's Kingdom work as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Biblical and Apostolic is Greater Faith Church, get connected and involved.

Bible Man said...

I did publish your comment about the Church that you recommended, but I must make it clear that I am not recommending that Church because some of its teaching is in error according to the scriptures.

In the Church’s “What we believe” statement, it says that Jesus was God in the flesh. Although most of the Christian Churches do believe and teach that, it is not true. If Jesus was God in the flesh, then Jesus could not be the “Son of God”. Jesus testified that he was the Son of God just as both Peter and Paul taught. When this is taught in most Churches, the teacher uses only the verses that they interpret allude to Jesus being God and never use the verses that state that Jesus and Jehovah God were two different persons. I suggest that my article on “Jesus is not God” #68 in the list of contents be read.

In the Church’s “What we believe” statement, it states that the Bible is the infallible Word of God. I only wish that this was true, but it isn’t. There are many things in the scriptures that are not consistent with the truth of God’s Word. Because of those inconsistencies I accept the Bible as “containing” the Word of God and not the inerrant, infallible Word of God. I suggest that you read my article on “Unknown facts about the Bible, #45 in the list of contents.

Also in the Church’s “What we believe” statement, it states that “speaking in tongues” is the initial evidence of having received the Holy Spirit. Another error in the Church’s teaching. I suggest that you read my article on “Speaking in Tongues”, #106 in the table of contents.

Although I would not consider the “Greater Faith Church” to be on the same grouping as the “cults” that are featured in this blog, but if it is in error on any one subject of doctrine, I would be cautious about everything that is taught there.

Anonymous said...

I accepted Christ in a church based on the bible. After personally visiting and hearing the sermons and "revelations" of BR Hicks it is evident without question that she is misleading people with near incomprehensible blabbering about her mysterious understandings of God. I fear for the psychological well being of a few friends who attend there and pray that they will find their way out of that place and hopefully find a bible believing family or really just anything other than the insanity of that place. I plead with anyone who attends CGC to get away from that place, it is a place of confusion.

BRO J JONES said...


Anonymous said...

Bottom line is simply that Jesus Christ is coming back to reap a pure harvest. CGC has basicly rejected the Holy Bible by all the adding and taking away of scripture making a complete shipwreck of the faith with their devilish doctrines. Teaching GARBAGE like even the devil will find salvation one day. Wake up CGC! You are in a doctrine of devils! Just believe the Holy Bible and get salvation according to John 3:3,5 Acts 2:38 etc... Hell is real! Look up "forever and ever" in Hebrew or whatever language. Go back to the Bible CGC!

Ginnole7007 said...

Well said man, no matter what happens, the Lord will make us one in eternity. Christ Jesus is the greatest love of all.

Anonymous said...

WOW that's terrible news.
Its important to know that churches do have their problems, but how did it effect the body as a whole?
Where are the Hunts?

Anonymous said...

Comments on the March 25, 2014 post
What happen to the Rev Hunt? the pastor at the Lafeyett,Lousisana
I just dont get it, why would a 95 year old woman want that much power to control people? why are so many people in conflict with this particular faith? it seems that envy is a factor to slander. You know if i was in Sister Hicks shoes, i wouldnt be suprise if people labled me a cult leader, they did that to our Lord Jesus. People waist so much time in defaming others in the faith, we all should be asking ourselves, what are we doing to help change lives. People in the world are dying by the thousands, in addition going to hell, and all we can do to each other is to mock doctrine.
Wow she's 95 years old and still preaching thats a miracle.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to reason with people who are trapped in false doctrines, but I would say that it is not a waste of time but most necessary to sound a trumpet of awareness about that BR Hicks is a FALSE prophetess by many evident proofs of her foretellings not coming to pass, along with multiple false teachings that seem to be mixed with her own personal imagination and mystical kaballah type stuff with just enough pentecostal brushed in to try to make it buy able. If one truly believes the Word of God/Holy Bible then one would see that Hicks theologies are easily proven to be faulty. Also due to her continual lack of consistency with Biblical Scripture, I must say that BR Hicks claim to have visible and audible visitations from the Lord to instruct her teachings are evidently false or whatever is visiting her is some other kind of creature decieving her just as Eve was decieved in the garden. Also anonymous, do yourself a favour and NEVER EVER compare BR Hicks to Jesus Christ ever again.

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank, praise, bless, and glorify the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. Thank you rev. Hicks for this message, GOS BLESS YOU AND ALL CHRISTIANS THAT ARE SAVED BY JESUS CHRISTS PERFECT AND HOLY BLOOD. I WILL CLING TO THE OL RUGGEDD CROSS..trey w. Missouri

Anonymous said...

I just want to praise, thank, bless, and glorify the NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!! Thank Rev. Hicks for this message GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL CHRISTIANS THAT ARE SAVED BY HIS PRECIOUS AND PEDFECT BLOOD!!!

Bible Man said...

It's just amazing how successful the devil has been in deceiving so many people. As you read the comments on this blog it's very obvious that so many are blinded to the truth because of the false teaching of Bernice Hicks, William Branham and so many other preachers who have been deceived into believing that they are preaching the true meaning of the Bible. The blind leading the blind. One day that is coming and as we all stand before the Throne of Almighty God, how will we answer when He asks why didn't we stand by His written Word instead of the interpretation of those false teachers and preachers who He did not send. Look around us, every one of you and ask yourself: have our preachers actually brought us all into the unity of the faith as they should have? If you can answer yes to that question, then you have truly been deceived and are blind to the Truth of God's Word. If you answer no to that question, then what will you do from now on? Will you continue to follow those who God did not send, or will you seek out the true God sent teachers who stand for the unadulterated truth of God's written Word?

Back to the Bible is the only way to please God!

Anonymous said...

This is not entirely true ....yes she did attend his church and yes he did expel her from his church but it was b/c of the followers within his church that started teaching the Bride's Message

Anonymous said...

So you do for see yourself as "qualified" to understand scriptures or do you go through man's interpretation ....are you not man ???? How do you know that you have not heard wrongly from your own "perception of the Word" ....are you leaning upon the Holy Spirit to teach you do you know it is the Holy Spirit teaching you and not just your "feel good self about what needs to be said so you can go forth as you desire" ...???

Bible Man said...

If a biblical scripture states a certain thing and someone says that it means something else besides what the scripture says, that is an interpretation. If we can't accept exactly what any scripture says as being the truth, we should cut that scripture out of the bible and not accept what it says instead of trying to interpret it to say what we think it means.

A person doesn't need to be qualified to understand the meaning of scripture if we just accept it by what it is saying.

The church of God has never been, is not now and never will be in the unity of the faith if we continue to accept man's interpretation of scripture instead of just accepting it by what it says.

Lana Broussard said...

I grew up cocoon Lafayette e last. My name us Lana Broussard,I'm 27. It is absolutely not a cult. Only ignorance says that. I did also leave the church,but only bc I hot messed up on drugs and was a I've meth user for years. I was never told I "could not"cut my hair,or HAD to wear skirts,I was taught what the word of god said and the decision was left up to me. Sis hicks does not try and make us worship her,in fact she insist that we never put our eyes on her,but on Jesus only. We aren't brainwashed idiots...we study the bible for ourselves which she strongly encourages. I have never been told not to talk to someone who,left our church. In fact the opposite,always told to love them if given the chance and pray for them. Cgc is very different from other churches ,but no better or worse. Only people who are ignorant,or have no understand,ding of the message...say that. And as for it being a cult. Like I said I left,was gay on drugs went to prison,no one treated me bad. They lived me and prayed for me and helped when I was at my worst...I owe god my life and I met god in cgc. I go now and yes I wear pa,t-shirt and cut my hair etc etc...guess what no one cares

Lana Broussard said...

Yeah I agree, I wonder how much people would pay for their favorite celebrity or sports athletes socks...!!

Lana Broussard said...

It's amazing how much u don't know what you are saying

Lana Broussard said...

Yes I absolutely agree..,I grew up cgc and left for years bc of drug addiction, and a lot of other wild stuff. My church and my pastors did nothing but help,me and love me . I went to prison and they stood by me until I got out...u was never told I had to wear skirts or could nit cut my hair. I was taught the word and the choice was left up to me. I've been through teen challenge and in doing
So went to hundreds of churches...they are ALL different and have their own revelation on how it applies to their life and walk. All of our walks are different and personal between god and ourselves. Sis hicks tells us over and over do not put our eyes on her she us only human, to put our eyes in Jesus. But in every big organization...job Osteen,Joyce Meyer,Jimmy swagger...we just like their congregation live and respect her...she has always encouraged us to study for ourselves bc she could not take us to heaven...some people aren't meant for Christ gospel,and instead of moving on and letting people be they Falstaff our name through the mud...guess what,Jesus said that would happen. So...y'all are actually self fulfilling the word. Thank u

Lana Broussard said...

Amen!!! They scorn what they can't understand, I went to bible college also sis Hicks is right on the money if u know how to go back to Greenland Hebrew...that is the original language the bible was written in.

Lana Broussard said...

Yes amen I agree,visiting dud leave and they lived me then and still limited me today.I was never told I had to wear skirts, I was showed the the word said and the choice was mine. I wear pants to church one cares

Lana Broussard said...

U really have no idea what u r talking about, please go back and actually read it BIBLE...not just the introduction. Sis hicks does NOT add a personal opinion to her teaching. It's called a strings concordance. It's not interpretation it's going to the original language the bible was written in...again only people who have no understanding scorn

Lana Broussard said...

Oh wow, I guess we know who u got ur information from. In fact, that is absolutely in accurate. And it's sad that u spread gossip lime that without knowing the fact

Lana Broussard said...


Lana Broussard said...

Hmm no female priest in the Hebrew nation. Did u know they rejected Jesus as messiah???

Lana Broussard said...

The ellipses were remarried before coming bc yes they needed to be married to pastor a church. They had been divorced for a number of years and god had already restored their mareiage. U are speculating about this "gift" sis Hicks gave them...again u actually are getting ur info from the same group of people who tried to take the church from Lafayette cgc saint ans begin their own work....maybe u should getting he facts

Lana Broussard said...

U are so wrong it's sad.,,cgc has its issues just lime every single other church organization. People aren't told what they want to hear and they over exaggerate and drag what ever church They are leaving through the mud. Well Jesus said they would so y'all have a field day

Lana Broussard said...

Actually u misquoted.
We are nothing,g we have nothing we know nothing ...we can do nothing...apart from Jesus. Did u miss that part???

Lana Broussard said...

LOLOLOLOL dud u ever read in the bible where it says the holy ghost gives u groaning without utterance.

Lana Broussard said...

They have changed bc people were getting the witness in things Luke their marriage. The holy,ghost would witness yes get married ,they would then in some cases their marriage would fall apart, due to adultery,or just not wanting to work things out before god,then they would want to sue the organization saying that the holy ghost lied bcuz they are getting divorced. It was a legal liability bc people,would not,deal with their flesh

Lana Broussard said...

That is nit true,we will always struggle and deal with our flesh until the day we due. But lots if people have come from so,e extreme darkness.,,drugs,sex,and lots lots more and are set free by god. The rest we work on until we get out of here

Lana Broussard said...

Rev hicks. U do not worship u in any way shape or firm I have went back for myself and studies everything I've learned from u. I know u are nit perfect u have flesh and u muss it just like us. I thank u for your obedience to God,and dir never allowing any ones "opinion"of u to sway u in another dirextion. We know that if it is the truth, it will be rejected by the world and even some who think they are if god. Many are called but few are chosen. And that's ok. No one said u had to be Christ gospel to go to heaven...

Anonymous said...

Bill Hudson, CGC board member and vice-president has resigned. That is strange since this guy sold his business 2011 never to return to it and he was also according to Hicks the guy to take over her heritage. WHAT IS GOING ON ?

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why the international board of CGC voted Rev Hicks out as the president/ceo even with her, being the word witness (according to her) and God prophet here on earth, telling them that it was God will that she stay in place as the president/ceo? Why did they mandate that all the churches that she had strong armed from the local assemblies be given back to the local assemblies if it was, as she claimed, God’s highest will that they be held in a trust by CGC International? Could it be that she has been frauding people by using the “witness of the holy ghost” for years and it is finally catching up to her? Last question why is it that the resignation letter Bill Hudson sent out to all the churches was read but it was mandated that it not be recorded when read? So much so that they had individuals in the church going around looking for persons with recording devices that may been attempting to record it? What are you trying to hide? If you are saying something that you are scared to be recorded wouldn’t it be better to just not say it? I’m sure someone will say something like “God has the right to change his mind” or some other defense that she has taught them to say but try pondering some of this from a neutral point of view. There are problems with this cult as a whole!!! Glad the truth is coming out.

Jim Bowie said...

I know many of the people who go to Christ Gospel & have no beef with them. They are good God fearing people. I also know Bernice Hicks. She is a liar, a plagiarizer, & a thief. She stole all of her material from another man who died in 1913. The foundational books which form the basis of the "message" were actually written by someone else, then rerepresented by her to be her original ideas.

She is a plagiarizer. But the most despicable thing she has done is claim she got those ideas & principles from a direct visitation from Jesus Christ himself. She is a criminal. But her true sentence won't be known until judgement day. I happen to be a sinner & a back slider. But I'll take my chances over what she's facing any day of the week. Good luck to you old lady as you enter hell's gates. You're gonna need it.

Anonymous said...

Who did she plagiarize and who died in 1913?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Please backup your claim Mr.Bowie.

Anonymous said...

Tell the pastor to stop screaming his whole sermon, and get a better sound system... my ears bled when I went. It HURT my ears. VERY disappointed.

Anonymous said...

FYI; She says, "We are nothing, we know nothing, we have nothing, we can do nothing" (insert what you left out here >>>> "APART FROM HIM!"). Talking about Jesus. She is not referring to her own self.

It saddens me to see the ignorance on this page. Cults practice rituals, while CGC does not practice rituals; therefore, it is not a cult. Sure, maybe CGC is different than your average church, but it doesn't mean it's a cult. They worship God on another level of praise than that of a typical Baptist or Catholic church.

I was raised in CGC and left many years ago. I have been to many different churches, and let me tell you, I have never felt God so strongly in any other church besides CGC. I go back every few years, and the love and praise is overwhelming (in an awesome way!).

And as far as the "separation" goes, it's done to be closer to God. We're taught that everything (no matter what) is either right or wrong, and basically, if God isn't doing it you shouldn't be either. Now if you do what you're taught not to, do they cast you aside? Of course not! They still embrace you!

I don't care what anyone has to say. I know the truth when I hear it, and Rev. Hicks is a strong warrior of God with a genuinely authentic gift to teach God's word!

Bible Man said...

This comment is addressed to all readers of this blog whether you are a member of, or a former member of Christ Gospel Church or all other Pentecost Church members.

It is out of love for the truth of God’s Word and for the benefit of all who love the Lord and consider themselves to be Christians, that I present for your consideration, what the Bible states about “Speaking in Tongues”.

False doctrines have been taught in many Churches about this and the truth must be revealed.
Please click on the following link and read the article on this subject.

What the Bible shows us about speaking in tongues
Click here

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is going on at CGC? There so many insane rumors going around it's crazy. I just hope the truth is found soon.
I know that they did NOT look around for recording devices when the resignation letter for Rev. Hudson.
She has been off the board for a while now, was not forced, but still attends board meetings.

Anonymous said...

I believe Jim is referring to Clarence Larking. Born October 28th 1850, died January 24, 1924.
Haven't read his stuff but he has a 3 fold nature chart that looks like the CGC chart 3 fold nature chart.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading on CGC tonight, and found a great site that addresses the stuff from Louisiana:
That site has a letter regarding the defamation of people in the church (as the writers several posts above) towards CGC and Sis Hicks. Very well written.

I was at the local church when it was announced that Rev Hudson resigned. There was no one going around checking for recorders. He sent a letter out to national and international leaders with his name on it, why would he care if it were recorded?

Another thing, no one forced Sis Hicks to resign. She resigned of her own free will. Perhaps because she's 96 years OLD?

I appreciate Bibleman's responses. You don't get into the details of what's posted, but only what you believe is against the Word of God. I can respect that.

God Bless to all! Remember gossip spreads so much quicker than the truth. So let's uphold the Truth that much more!!

Bible Man said...

On today's date March 21, 2015 I received a comment from an anonymous person attempting to inform my readers about some accusations against the Christ Gospel Churches.

I normally don't approve the posting of Internet addresses on this site, but will make an exception in all fairness to the parties involved.

This action of mine in no way supports the teaching of Christ Gospel Churches or any of the Pastors including Rev Hicks.

As a service to my readers to make it easy to copy and paste that Internet address contained in the comment submitted, I'll print it as follows.

Ron Cox said...

This comment is being published for my friends who are followers of the “message of the Hour” that William Branham preached, who I know visit this Blog on Religious Cults from around the World.

First of all I want you to know that I was a Message believer for many years starting back some 60 years ago and completely believed everything about William Branham’s ministry until the day in 1991 when God opened my eyes to the truth.

God called me into the ministry for the sole purpose of preaching the Truth of God’s Word to those who were Message Believers like me and to reveal to them the falseness that prevailed in William Branham’s life and ministry.

Are you ready to stop reading this? For your soul’s sake please don’t.

William Branham testified that an angel from Heaven visited him throughout his life and commissioned him to begin a ministry of divine healing. It turned out that the angel who visited him was not an angel from God, but a lying angel that was sent to him by the devil because nothing the angel said to him was true.

The worse part that the angel caused to happen was to deceive William Branham into believing that he was being given a private revelation that caused William Branham to preach in error and in opposition to true bible scripture.

Everything that you have heard about William Branham is just that, hearsay.

The part about hearing a voice from Heaven at his first baptismal service on the Ohio River, to his prophesies that came true, to his messages being the “Revealed Word” for this day and much more was all untrue.

You are faced with the evidence presented on this Blog Site that can set you free from the spell that has been cast over you because of William Branham’s lying angel if you will just open your eyes to what God has revealed to me for your benefit and your path to salvation that God has promised all of us.

If you continue to believe all that you have been taught without having seen any evidence to substantiate the truthfulness of the Message of the Hour, then I can do no more than what God has given me for you.

The bible says that stubbornness is the same as idolatry and you know how God feels about idol worship.

Read those articles that I have written about William Branham’s life and ministry and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you.

Please go to the following Internet address and read about the true story, then turn back to the Bible and hold to God’s Word.

Jeff30311 said...

We struggle because its the cross the Lord gave us, we struggle because Christ loves us, he never wonts us to be so filled with pride and leave him, I need Christ Jesus my source, he's my cross in his cross, that's why I struggle its my way toward him in I stand. Let's focus on the main point Love thy neighbor as thyself - love them that persecute you-Love the lord our God with all thy heart soul and mind-love your enemies. I am a son of god why persecute me.

Anonymous said...

I came to this site looking for information about cults in Indiana with regard to latest 'Freedom of Religion' legislation made into state law recently.

Jeremy Gregory said...

my name is jeremy gregory as for people not putting there names that is not a up front person and for most a back stabber. I go to cgc have been there for almost 20 yrs. I can leave as I want anytime, if I want to watch tv play sports, eat out with my family I do. most of my family don't go to cgc we still are a family the has great dinners and watch espn. the bible says we are all called to different levels 30,60, 100etc, its all on how much you want GOD. I go to cgc for GOD not for cgc or my lovely pastor or pastors. you are free to leave at anytime. But please leave the rest of us God follower alone! the moneys that is made goes to help other churches and people. Tell GOD your problems not the people he listens better and understands your better! thanks for your time and reading GOD bless

Jeremy Gregory said...

the bible says seek out your own salvation. it also says separate yourself from evil, the ways of man is destruction. that's what the people have, a choice!!! we the people at cgc make a choice. it is GOD. not the ways of the world and people hate us, because we choice GOD not you. who and where have you heard a pastor say GOD has done this for me or GOD will do this for you, NOT MAN will done this or that! my pastor at cgc says GOD or LORD will and has not me or I or man. that says a lot to any true Christians!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain why there are so many allegations of child molestation and cover ups in CGC. Why after hearing all these allegations and seeing the proof Rev Hudson finally having enough left and started his own church. It's amazing people willing to "stand with their leader" but won't stand for the children that have been hurt by the sexual abuse that has been going on for decades. It needs to stop!!!! This is why it's finally falling apart. Stop standing for a evil human and think about ur children and family. GET OUT OF CGC NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

And you would know because you were there?? No, you weren't. I know you weren't because I was there. You are merely being fed base your opinion on second hand information is ignorance...but, thst is after all the way of CGC

Anonymous said...

Again, you talk about something you know NOTHING about...again, you weren't there. You just showed up on the CGC scene a few months ago. Of course a pretty picture will be painted to you, and every question will be explained to you according to their reasoning. We don't "stand for Sis Hicks" we stand for God! I beg of you to ask God to reveal and show you. And if we are all wrong and you remain right, then you loose nothing. Seek God with an open heart and listen to Him...not what this one said, or what that one said. Ever wonder why you're pretty much the only one in your family who even attends??? There's more to it than "those people trying to stir up trouble"...I dare to you to ask questions. I dare you to ask God to show you. I know you haven't because you're too busy regurgitating what you've been fed since getting out

Anonymous said...

Just because you didn't experiance what other people have DOESNT take away from the fact that people have been abused, molested and hurt. Not just one, two, three or four times but THOUSANDS. I was born and raised in CGC, the Brides message, the Crucified way in lafayette, la. Having been on both sides of the fence, both being in CGC, leaving, coming back, and leaving for good...I understand the emotion you feel, bc I felt it too, said some of the same things you did. There has been too many wrong doings and cover ups in this organization. God is not the author of confusion, and what's taking place in CGC now, is PURE confusion and corruption, it is truly Satans playground. And like obedient followers yall are "warring" "rebuking" and "praying for our leader" because the enemy is coming against her ....I've heard it all, time and time again for 25 years...guess what, we are living in the end times, I don't have time to "war" and "rebuke" for anybody but me and my family. And exactly what are we "warring" "rebuking" hollering and shouting for anyway??? So, when the bible said "it is finished" and Jesus died on the cross, it wasn't finished, he didn't conquer death and hell??? Yeah Jesus, I know you died but we still have to grunt and holler and "war", that's not thr King I serve

we r allsomething said...

I keep hearing that the CGC "cover-ups" are justified because they are all about forgiveness. This is what some of BR Hicks followers are saying on other sites too. That God's highest will would be to forgive any person committing the sin of adultery or fornication in the church body even up to the crime of a child abuse / molestation?

Yes, God does want Christians to forgive BUT NOT to withhold discipline nor to fail to turn criminals over to law enforcement and remove such persons from any official church positions. You certainly do not coddle criminals, forgive them, pray for them, yes - but do not shield them from law or punishment and getting help.

This is where Hicks has erred from the Will and Word of God by not only suppressing the truth in the "name of forgiveness" but allowing these people to go scot-free, continue to hold positions in the church and then have the audacity to pressure the poor victims into silence.

So WHY did BR Hicks do what she did? I think the real motive behind these actions was nothing but a fear-driven desire to keep the crimes from the police and the inevitable media exposure and embarrassment that would ensue.

Jesus never stated following Him would be easy and not lead to a rocky road due to no fault of our own. Yet, Hicks was adamantly determined to not let the scandals in her church see the light of day and did all in her power to prevent it.

Rather than trust in the Lord to take them through the valley of humility and deliver the church out of such embarrassing scandals she chose to deceitfully veil the criminal, shameful actions of the child molesters, empowering even more sin and evil by using the same tactics over and over.

Recently, the good people and leaders of CGC who love Jesus more than Hicks and her agendas have grown a spine and come out CGC Babylon. God is in His great wisdom has caused that which Hicks feared the most to come upon her, and unfortunately those who still follow her as well, and the sorrows have just begun. I am certain they will soon be under the microscope of the press and the greater community. I cant see why anyone would want to remain when things have gotten this ugly and all the signs point to it getting uglier still.

Whatever trap Bernice Hicks is caught in for now and the future was one that she fashioned with her own mind and hands.

Anonymous said...

Very well said and agree 100%

David said...

It is amazing to me that these people continue to latch and attack me for a letter I distributed to the local Lafayette CGC assemble after years of mismanagement and abuse by the "higher ups" in Jeffersonville but do not have an answer for the cover ups and abuse that have occurred by their leader. BR Hicks has claimed to be the "word witness" and has said on more that one occasion she has already run her race she's just here for the people in her congregation. I keep seeing people saying she is only human but the truth is she has placed herself in between God and her saints by making these claims. I have seen the responses to my original letter but not one can deny some simple facts. BR Hick's daughter is a real estate attorney and obviously knows how to make money in real estate. Kenner CGC church was sold for a profit and the money was sent to Jeffersonville church. BR Hicks has been giving extremely large offerings and "first fruits" from her church and all the churches she presided over and she has lived a lavish lifestyle because of it. When presented with these facts instead of attempting to address them they felt it best to have Barbara Young respond with a threaten letter containing lies and half truths that she accused me of spreading. What's amazing is not to long before that when they were faced with another potential child abuse scandal they again shuffled people around and threw money at the problem. To allow children to be harmed and not only not do anything about but to cover it up is pure evil and she has proven to be just that. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at and I will try to answer to the best of my ability. its time for BR Hicks to accept responsibility for what she has done, ask for forgiveness from the people who have followed her for so long, and ask for forgiveness from God!!!

Anonymous said...

But please tell me should things like this happen in the Body of Christ

Awoken said...

You've got to look at the big picture here. If you want to learn the truth go and do some research. Google: Clarence Larkin and 3 Fold Nature Image, Carlos Suarez and Song of Songs, William Branham's the Message. Read the book "For the sake of the Children" by BG Moody. Ask yourself why those closest always leave abruptly and without explanation, that list is endless. (They can't explain it because none would believe it) To admit that there is falsity in any shape or form that can be linked to her, is to open the door to mass defection and questioning, it would be impossible to know where the truth stopped and the lies began. Finally you'd have to admit that your entire life, with every free hour spent at church, hundreds of thousands of dollars contributed to God knows what, was all a lie. People say that they're leaving, but the message is real and they'll continue to follow the same teachings. To me it's all one package, insert a lie here, plagiarism there, coverup here, mistreatment there and at the end of the day write a book that is all of a sudden "inspired by God". Get out of here. For years I've been told that if I went to the platform and performed as musician in an unclean state I was hindering the spirit and even risked spiritual death, at a convention she verbally admonished the crowds for individuals who were doing the stair loop in an "unclean state", isn't that a bit duplicitous? Isn't that the whole purpose of church, to come and receive healing and get clean again. There's a hierarchy to everything at CGC, twists and turns everywhere you look, twice now I've watched pastors who've resigned or replaced get escorted from the premises like criminals ("it's CGC protocol"). These were respectable, powerful men of God that made a stand that differed just enough from the CGC norms to pose a threat, and now they're in a better place, just like every single one who's left to date. If that doesn't wake you up, God help you. Keep standing behind your leader, even though you don't really know who she is and what's she's done to countless people.