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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Believe the Sign

Throughout the ministry of Brother William Branham supernatural signs were obviously evident as God used Brother Branham in a mighty and profound way. These signs were made manifest to prove that Brother Branham was without question sent by God to minister to the people around the World. Many people saw these great sign gifts in operation and were instrumental in leading millions of people to the saving grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. All who saw these signs and gifts in operation, without question believed that they were from God and proved to everyone that God was still active in the lives of mankind. Even though Brother William Branham has many years ago left the scene, God is still active in using other people in many types of ministry in His Kingdom and will continue to use supernatural signs and wonders to secure the attention of people to believe His Word.
This is being written for the benefit of all of God’s people no matter what kind of Church you attend and to those who have not believed the Gospel of Christ as yet, as well and if not foremost for those who have followed Brother William Branham’s ministry and continue to do so.
You are going to be asked to consider another sign from God and to Believe the Sign as being from God just as those you have formally seen and believed. A little history will be presented consisting of facts which can be substantiated from Brother Branham’s own words concerning some visions he experienced that were given to him by God.
Brother William Branham said: “God's trying to attract the attention of the people by a sign, and then give them the voice, what's behind the sign. It must be a Scriptural voice. Now, the sign has a voice. And now, every true God-sent sign has a voice, and that voice must speak according to the Word that's given for that day. If you can believe the sign, then believe the voice that follows the sign. Even the Old Testament promised it in Malachi 4, that how it would be in the last days, would turn the hearts of the children back to the faith of the fathers: the--the Pentecostal fathers, the original doctrine of the Bible, the original Word that what it would do. And there'd be a sign, and this sign would confirm--be confirmed by the voice that would follow it.”
Brother Branham had a disappointment near the end of the year of 1955 when the offerings from his evangelistic meetings failed to cover the expenses associated with those meetings. Because of this, he announced that he was leaving the missionary field. Because of this decision he made God gave him a series of visions, what he called “the most powerful visions I have ever seen” which in effect were a chastisement from God because of some errors he had made during his ministry.
Brother Branham received these visions in December of 1955 and told what was in these visions during a meeting on January 1, 1956. The details of these visions were published in The Herald of Faith magazine, the February 1956 issue by Joseph Mattson Boze. There were four parts to this series of visions reported in the Herald of Faith magazine, but only the last part of the vision, what is known as “The Tent Vision” is being addressed here. If time permits and it is God’s will, I will publish the complete details of these visions at a later date on this website. But for now, the Tent Vision is given.
Following is what Brother Branham reported as the Tent Vision: “Then He taken me from there, and I seen a great huge tent. I never seen such a--a tent. And it was packed and lined everywhere with people. And I walked out to the... Looked like I was standing above the people, looking down, where I'd just made an altar call; and hundreds and hundreds of people were weeping and rejoicing after they had accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.
And I looked, and then heard a man get up and say, "Call the prayer line." And people begin to line up over on this side, the left from where I was looking down towards the platform, and they lined all the way up and down the street for a prayer line. I noticed to my left, which would've been to my right if I was on the platform, a little wooden building. And I seen that Light, that all--they have the picture of, you know, that's always in the meetings; I seen that Light leave me, and go to that building, and go in that building; and a Voice said to me, "I'll meet you in there; that'll be the third pull." I said, "Why?" He said, "Well, it won't be a public show like they had it." And I came to:”
After receiving the "Tent Vision". Brother Branham thought that God was showing him a new ministry that he was to embark on. He took the vision literally that he was to hold his meetings in a tent, which he made plans to acquire, and that he was to start praying for the sick in a room away from the congregation, which he proceeded to do. But over the years following this vision, it didn't materialize the way he thought it should. Brother Branham spoke of this new ministry for the rest of his life, but it never came to pass.
But you see, God never intended for it to come to pass in Brother Branham's life. The reason that God gave him this vision was to show him that He was not pleased with some events that had transpired and to show Brother Branham some of what the future would hold as a result of what had happened.
If you look at the whole vision, the part before the “Tent Vision” part of, it starts out with a scene about a meeting being held and before the altar call was made, the congregation was dismissed. When questioned about why the people had been dismissed, they told him that the offering had already been taken. Brother Branham said to those in charge of the meeting, "since when has it been more important to take offerings than to make Altar calls?" With his own words, he convicted himself of doing the same thing by putting the failure to meet the expenses of a meeting above the needs of the people and continuing God's work in evangelism.
It so happened that during the California meetings in November of 1955, the expenses for the meetings had not been met by the offerings and after they were over, Brother Branham announced that because of not being able to meet these expenses, he was leaving the evangelistic field. As part of the vision indicates, this was not the will of God for him to end his evangelistic meetings.
Then God made it known to him by using two examples of how he attempted to explain the use of the supernatural gifts to others, that what he did caused carnal impersonations to arise among others attempting to copy the use of these gifts. Brother Branham openly stated that "what he had done was contrary to what the Angel had told him to do". For the Angel had said: "You've done just what I told you not to do, standing on the platform, and trying to explain it, and telling the people, and I told you to keep it to yourself." And said, "Look what you've done. Look at the carnal impersonations you got rose."
As the part of the vision involving the tent scene progressed, Brother Branham said that he was taken up high above where a meeting was taking place. The interpretation of this is that after he had died the Angels carried him up into Heaven. That happened just 46 years ago today, and he was looking down and watching a meeting in progress. Then Brother Branham said, as the prayer line was forming, that light left me and went down over the people and settled on top of a little building where the prayer line was forming.
Brother Branham was speaking of the light that always was near him, the one that you see in the picture that was taken in Houston. The interpretation of this is that, at some period of time after Brother Branham's death, the light that you see above him is to leave him. You might ask: What is the significance of the light leaving him after his death? This is to be a sign to the Body of Christ that the end time Elijah ministry of Malachi 4:6 and Matthew 17:11 was taking place and the "third pull" ministry is about to begin, preparing the Bride of Christ for His soon return.
That part of the vision about the tent scene, never materialized during Brother Branham's life, nor was he ever given the interpretation of it. He said on January 20, 1964: "I have never had but one thing that He ever told me in my life that I know that hasn't happened yet, that some sort of a building or a tent where there'd be a little building setting, and I'd have to go into that and pray for the sick. That hasn't happened yet as far as I know. That's the only thing that I know".
Once again, history has repeated itself. Just like another great Prophet of God, Moses, even when he failed to follow God's instructions, God continued to honor his word among the people, but took him off the scene before the journey was over. And God did the same with His Prophet of our day (Brother Branham), honoring his word among the people, but taking him also off the scene before the journey was over.
Now the people of God will be presented with another sign. The sign will be that the light will leave him. Then the words that accompany the sign will be presented to God’s people. The words are the Truth of God’s Word which is published on this website. You are presented with the truth of the Bible that has been misrepresented over the years by those Bible teachers who have not been ordained of God to teach His people.
Then comes the sign, a supernatural sign from God to prove that the words are true. Will you believe that the sign is from God? Will you believe that the words were given by God?
Just as Brother Branham reported about the Tent Vision, the light left him after he was taken up high and so the light above his head in the picture will leave him in all of the pictures in the World as a sign from God confirming the end time Elijah ministry written about in Malachi 4:6 and Matthew 17:11. Why do you think that God would do this as a sign to the people? For one reason it would have to be a supernatural event that could only be performed by God Himself. Secondly, it would take such a tremendous thing to wake the “Message of the Hour” believers up to see the truth. God has a right for all who believe in Him to accept the truth of His Word, even those who have been assured of their salvation through the shed blood of Christ and their belief in the Gospel.
When will these things happen? The times are right according to Matthew chapter 24. Everything is in place and it could be anytime. It could be in ten years or one year or one hundred years, or it could be tomorrow, only God knows because this is one of the things that God has kept to Himself according to His own timetable. Like Matthew 24:36 says: “But of that day and hour no man knows, not the angels of Heaven, only the Father knows.” I personally believed that the end of the Gentile dispensation would have been in the year of 2012, that was just my guess, because of the prophesies that have been fulfilled, but myself nor any other man cannot be certain.
God will make it known to everyone if you just:

Believe the Sign

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